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Case Number

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8-character case number
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Case-Number Type   Name Party
Att'y # Status
T9 99 9999     attorney:  PRO SE     9999999   
08 CR 0081   Criminal   BAUER, SHEENA L      
08 CJ 0453   Cert of Judgment  BROOKER, STEVEN   JD   
T0 08 8985     attorney:  CAHILL EDWARD     88985   
T0 08 3515     attorney:  CARULLO ELIZABET     83515   
02 CV 0117     CITIZENS BANK OF   P   1371 
T0 02 3161     attorney:  COOPER JAMES     23161   
15 CJ 0105     Cert of Judgment  EPARTMENT OF TAXATIO   JC   
T0 07 9568     attorney:  EPLING JOSHUA     79568   
T0 02 3132     attorney:  GERKEN THOMAS     23132   
T0 08 2567     attorney:  JOHNSON MALLORY     82567   
T0 01 4652     attorney:  LAURITO JEFFREY     14652   
T0 07 3119     attorney:  RUDELL II BARRY     73119   
T0 08 6222     attorney:  SALYER MATTHEW     86222   
T0 08 5632     attorney:  SOLAR DANIEL     85632   
T0 08 5068     attorney:  SUTTINGER Bethany     85068   
T0 07 7984     attorney:  TAULBEE MATTHEW     77984   
13 CV 0066     VNT TRUST SERIES   P   79721 
T0 08 2142     attorney:  WHITTAKER LISA     82142   
Case-Number Type   Name Party
Att'y # Status

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